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Cooking Every Country: Hannah's Great Adventure

I have always been knee-deep in projects. I am extremely type-A with a sentimental, wistful side that has always wanted to see the world. 2022 is meant to be the “Year of Sue” - aka, the year I’m meant to focus on me. I finish getting my Associate degree in the same two years I became a young department manager at a grocery store during a worldwide pandemic. It was a lot, for two years. And those two years are over - so I welcome 2022 as the year of Sue, as the year of accomplishing personal projects, as the year of discovering myself and having fun and traveling as much as I can as a twenty-something in a worldwide pandemic that seems to have as many variants as Loki.

I conceived this concept in my days of quarantine right before Christmas 2021, when I had COVID-19. I wanted to do something that would keep me busy all next year; but I also wanted to travel, and I didn’t see that happening. I’d been baking all quarantine - cooking and baking are my stress-reliefs. The thought occurred to me as I searched through Pinterest - what if I combined my yearning for travel and my love of cooking and baking and writing into one concept? 195 countries - that’s 15 countries every 28 days. Why, that is manageable. That is doable. That sounds like I’m going to do it.

I was going to just make Instagram posts about it, but my aunt, the first person I told about my idea, declared it must be a blog, so a blog it shall be. It shall be my little corner of the world that I hope to share with all of you as I eat through the world without ever leaving my apartment.

Join me - no passport required.