1/13/2022 - Country #6 - Barbados

Updated: Apr 18

I'm excited about cooking food from the Islands. Their meals are comfort foods full of spice and warmth - and their desserts sound the most fun. I've got a big sweet tooth, so sign me up! Today we're hanging out in Barbados.

I looked up foods from Barbados and choose my foods from The 15 Best Foods to Try in Barbados (tripsavvy.com). I made Cooking Bajan Style: Pelau | Loop Barbados (chicken and veggie rice) and Black Cake Recipe | Food Network (dried fruits soaked in alcohol, then pureed and baked into a traditional holiday cake served in the Islands - THIS IS ALL I WANT IN LIFE!!!)

So, this meal officially took three days to make. On 1/10/2022, I soaked 4lbs+ of fruit in port wine and rum (and vodka. I ran out of rum - so I improvised. And I don't think the addition of vodka ever hurt no one). It then sat for three days. (They recommend months. I'm not doing months though, boo.)

The collage is a little out of order, but that is fine. The fruit and alcohol soaked together for three days. I then pureed it and made a cake batter out of it. The puree reminded me of baby food - I've cooked with a lot of raw meat lately, but that seemed like the most unappetizing looking thing so far. It was baked up with sugar, butter, and spices - as that is all you need to rectify ill-looking things. Baked for 1.5 hrs into the densest cake that was then soaked with the reserved port wine/rum/vodka bath. These cakes were literally so heavy - I love them.

The chicken thighs were cut up and spiced, then cooked off in oil and brown sugar in a cast iron skillet. I love this idea. Then, rice and veggies were added. A habanero makes up for the lack of a scotch bonnet pepper the recipe called for. You don't even cut it up - you just throw that sucker in to hang out with everyone as the rice cooks. It was the perfect recipe to have cook off to ward off the chill of a brisk January evening.

I love the carbs I ended up. The chicken was tender and juicy after the marinade and brown sugar. The whole habanero perfumed the entire dish with heat. The rice was creamy and savory.



This cake is traditionally made during the holidays because it is dried fruit and booze and sugar and it makes a lot and it takes a lot of time and it is a labor of love and it is GOOD!! Dense and sticky, like a sticky toffee pudding, chewy and soft at the same time; it was laced with warmth and a clear yet controlled alcohol flavor that doused the cake with moisture and fun. This cake is so rich and JUST DENSE, DENSE. DENSE!!! I can't wait to share a slice with my associate from Jamaica.

Country stats: Barbados

Day made: 1/13/2022, Thursday

Post made: 1/18/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? 8/10, would make the meal probably again, but DEFINITELY that cake again!!!

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