1/14/2022 - Country #7 - Antigua and Barbuda

Updated: Apr 18

This is probably the meal I was looking forward to the most - jerk chicken, johnny cakes (fry bread!), and peanut brittle. These don't need no more explanation than that!

I researched what foods are eaten in Antigua and Barbuda on 17 Antigua Food & Drinks To Try While On Vacation | SANDALS. The recipes I used were thus: Jerk Chicken Marinade - Dinner at the Zoo, Best Johnny Cakes Recipe - How to Make Caribbean Johnnycakes (food52.com), and Best-Ever Nut Brittle Recipe - Tina Ujlaki | Food & Wine (foodandwine.com).

I blitzed the marinade up in my little personal blender and got the chicken going.

Got my peanut brittle going and my dough for my johnny cakes.

I loved cooking my little caramel. I don't really make candy a lot; I'd watched a lot of Great British Baking Show lately and they were all so always worried about their caramel. So, I was a little wary of bringing my caramel up to 300 Degrees F. Always use a candy thermometer!!!

It turned out well. No need to fear :)

In the same pan I made the caramel, I heated up my oil. After such a rough series of events, the pan sat in the sink overnight in bubby hot water, lol.

Also, shadow!Juliet appearance.

So, what was not very helpful was that the recipe for the jerk chicken gave no cooking instructions for the chicken - just the marinade and time. I went and cooked it at 400 for 45 minutes and it was perfect.

Here are the moneyshots!!!

End results?

Loved it! The jerk chicken wasn't spicy at all - the soy sauce in the marinade made it salty and juicy. The nutmeg and cinnamon rounded out the flavor of the chicken. It was so tender and again, juicy. (Cooking on the bone is the trick!) The johnny cakes were DELICIOUS. Fried - bread. What more do you want out of life? And the peanut brittle - it was so hard and crunchy, you had to use your molars. The peanut flavor were strong against the cracking sugar. Peanuts and sugar - yum!

This meal was just...so delicious. It made me happy to eat it :)

Country stats:

Day made: 1/14/2022, Friday

Day posted: 1/19/2022, Wednesday

Would I make it again? 9/10, LOVED EVERY BIT!!!

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