1/18/2022 - Country #8 - Armenia

Updated: Apr 18

When I think of Armenia, my first thought goes to Geoffrey Zakarian on Food Network, and now also a member of the Next Food Network Star cast from season 11, Michelle. They've piqued my interest in making Armenian food.

I researched what foods are eaten in Armenia on Armenian Cuisine - The glory of Armenian cuisine | iArmenia. I ended up making harissa (chicken in barley porridge, not the chili pepper sauce) and lentil salad. These are the recipes I made: Armenian pearl barley and chicken stew (harissa) recipe : SBS Food and Mshosh (Armenian Lentil Dish) • Curious Cuisiniere,

This recipe started the night before, where I soaked the barley in water:

This barley was then cooked down and put into a large bowl while I boiled off some bone-in skin-on chicken thighs. This created some nice stock.

We've got some salad going here - no greens besides parsley, lol. Red lentils cooked off while I sauteed onions, walnuts, and apricots. In the lower right hand, there are the spices being added to some barley porridge (also, I was supposed to puree the chicken - NO. I PUT MY FOOT DOWN). I covered this porridge that got the shredded chicken in it with a brown butter and some berbere seasoning (paprika mixed with other similar spices).

The harissa was soft, smooth, and the chicken was tender. The brown butter was the necessary grease for the soft spices and soft texture of the porridge. The lentil salad was crunchy with the nuts and the parsley on top added some freshness. It was a lovely lunch to make while hanging out with my sister!


Day made: 1/18/2022, Tuesday

Day post made: 1/21/2022, Friday

Would I make it again? 7/10, the textures weren't my favorite and the flavors were almost too soft, but I loved the chicken and the parsley.

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