1/23/2022 - Country #13 - Angola

Updated: Apr 18

Today we're heading to the African country of Angola. It brought me to an ingredient so foreign to my Southern hometown that I had to order it from Amazon: red palm oil.

There is probably some place to locate red palm oil here in the South - some specialty store, maybe. Technically Walmart had it, but you had to order it online - not available in-store. It is derived from red palm fruit, which look like this:

They're beautiful. Kinda want to eat one now.

So, red palm oil featured in Angola's Angolan Chicken Stew | Muamba de Galinha | Global Table Adventure (...it's an Angolan chicken stew...)

I didn't have a pumpkin like the recipe called for (it's January; no supermarket carries regular ol' fresh pumpkin in January; tisn't the season!) so I got an acorn squash instead :) Also I forgot to get tomatoes, so I used tomato sauce :( (but I got the frozen okra, which is so much more niche and therefore more important to remember, because how can you replace frozen okra???)

One of the things I've become more comfortable with while cooking the world is cooking with raw meat. I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but otherwise, I don't cook with a lot of meat. Raw meat is...not pleasant to deal with. However, I overcame my ineptness and slight revulsion and, the true homeschooler I am, learned how to cut up a whole chicken into quarters by the power of YouTube.

It was not a clean cut chicken, BUT I got 4 quarters. And then that carcass made a beautiful bone broth that become some homey matzo ball soup :) Spiced up that chicken in the next pic!!!

Seared off the chicken in a cast iron skillet with the red palm oil. Everyone into a pot with onions and a habanero (the habanero has been my go-to pepper. Recipe calls for green chili? Habanero. Scotch bonnet? Habanero, lolz).

It stewed (hence the name, as you may have noticed) and here are the moneyshots!!!

...the stew looks so pretty in the pot! The bowl...bless that individual serving of stew's heart.

(Again, full disclosure: ate this stew some days after I made it due to the fact that I am one person and you may have noticed that I've been making family-size meals as of late, and it takes forever to eat them all!) The chicken was so tender. It held its shape, but then shredded at the touch of a fork. It was much a milder stew, with the okra and the acorn squash, than what I've been eating. Very comforting and homey.

Country stats:

Day made: 1/23/2022, Sunday

Day post made: 2/10/2022, Thursday

Would I make it again? 7/10, okra and acorn squash aren't my favorite vegetables, but I liked the textures and coziness!!!

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