1/26/2022 - Country #14 - Andorra

Updated: Apr 18

Andorra turned out to be a quick and easy less-than-thirty-minutes-of-prep weeknight meal. I tried chicory for the first time ever - and also ate the first green salad this entire project. Kudos to Andorra for trying to be healthy, while other countries have me eating pastries and whipped cream XD

I list Andorra as one of those countries I'd...never heard of. Ever. Like, it's right next to France and Spain...it kinda gets overshadowed by some much-bigger-name countries. It isn't as iconic. But it delivers some good food, y'all.

I made Andorran Chicken Cunillo – A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures (akitchenhoorsadventures.com) (chicken and tomatoes over egg noodles) and Chicory salad with Apple {Walnuts and Raisins} - By Andrea Janssenb (chicory is a bitter green, just FYI).

Now, I read https://eatyourworld.com/blog/what-to-eat-in-andorra-the-top-10/ and The 10 Most Traditional Dishes From Andorra (theculturetrip.com) to figure out what they eat in Andorra - and I found chicory salad. But then I searched the World Wide Web and couldn't find a chicory salad originating from Andorra. I was confuzzled. So I decided to go with the best-looking chicory salad I could find, regardless of country-origin - and moved on with my life.

The cunillo started in the morning. Everyone into the slow cooker!

Then I got home from work and shredded the chicken.

The salad was: mix the dressing, chop the big ol' ingredients, and then mix everyone together - easy peasy.


I served the cunillo over top egg noodles. The chicken and tomatoes were flavored with tarragon, an herb I was unfamiliar with due to my mother's dislike of it - so I never had it growing up (love you, Mom :)) I liked it against the tomatoes - light and acidic.

I am not a big fan of everyone and their mom being in a salad - yet I loved this salad. I didn't have plain Greek yogurt like I thought I did, so I used zero-sugar vanilla yogurt. And somehow it worked - it was sweet against the toasted nuts, the crunchy apple, and the chewy fatty gouda cheese. I actually liked the salad more than the main dish!

Country stats:

Day made: 1/26/2022, Wednesday

Day post made: 2/16/2022, Wednesday

Would I make it again? 8/10 - probably not the chicken, as it was a looser sauce, but I really enjoyed that salad, and y'all, I don't enjoy salad!

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