1/27/2022 - Bahamas - Country #15

Updated: Apr 18

Ladies and gentlemen, the creation of the meal from the Bahamas marks the end of my first fifteen countries - for quick reference, I've divided the world into 13 4-week long periods - 4 weeks = 15 countries. This marks the end of the first of 13 4-week long periods - which means I am 15/195ths of the way done - or approximately 8% done. That doesn't seem like a lot, but honey, it is a LOT.

Let's treat ourselves and go over to the Bahamas. I made things a little out of order (rum cakes are better days after they're made - this is because we want moisture (I am one of those people who hate the word moist, but it is perfect here - nothing's better than a moist rum cake)). THEN I made dinner.

For the Bahamas, I looked up on 25 Traditional Bahamian Foods - Insanely Good (insanelygoodrecipes.com) what to make. I ended up making Bahamian Curry Chicken! 242 Recipe by Bahama_Mama - Cookpad (chicken and veggies and curry!), Viva Veggie Food!: Rice and Pigeon Peas (rice and canned peas), and From Scratch Rum Cake Recipe (Homemade Tortuga Rum Cake Copycat) - Always Order Dessert (rum cake, baby! Man, I'm going to be Nancy Fuller by the end of this blog - I'm already the wine aunt - why not?)

So I made the cake days ahead of time because honestly, it worked better for my schedule (no, the real reason is moisture! My life revolves around this blog and making the food the best it can, not the other way around! Not because of time constraints or not having fridge room, but moisture, baby, moisture!) Rum cake isn't hard, y'all. It takes a second to make, but it ain't hard.

You just gotta make yourself a little yellow cake:

I'm not one of those cooks/bakers who gets all horrified when presented with the challenge of using pre-packaged products. Nothing makes me more annoyed than to see people on cooking competitions getting all elitist about having to deign to the status of mere mortals by having to use prepackaged stuff - man, instant pudding mix makes the best baked goods! DON'T @ ME!!! It is an awesome secret ingredient. It is like the wallpaper in Willy Wonka - it makes the vanilla vanilla-er, the rum rum-ier, the cake cakier. It just makes your life better, period - end of discussion.

Butter, sugar, rum, in a syrup, on a cake - I would make this recipe a thousand times. These are just some of my favorite things in life, just an FYI.

Isn't she beautiful???

I made the chicken curry at lunch (and went to work immediately after - my Indian work colleague smelled the curry on me and I was a little ashamed to tell her it was for the Bahamas versus India). I marinated the chicken (I was out of bowls. Have I mentioned my kitchen is a work in progress like, all the time - so my clean AMC 2020 popcorn bucket was volunteered for this mission (use what you got. Improvise. Fight - win!)).

Take a shot every time I have to move the food from the cast iron skillet to a bigger pot because I thought I could get away with everything in one pan, but then after plopping everything in the pan, it was obvious that I can't even stir it.

That right there is some rice and pigeon peas. Pigeon peas - honey, I don't know enough to tell you about them - they were from the Hispanic section and have a bean texture - it's a pigeon pea. That's all I got.

The curry was stewed down, the rice all served up:


As you can see, by the time I actually cooked the Bahamas's main dishes, half this rum cake was gone XD

The curried chicken tasted exactly like curry chicken. The chicken was tender and the potatoes mealy. THIS RICE WAS SO GOOD. I couldn't stop eating this rice. Like, it was so simple and yet so addicting - familiar rice, unfamiliar yet welcome pigeon peas, a little onion, a little parsley - it's just simple and good.

This rum cake is going on my rotation. It is SOAKED with moisture. The rum is strong with this one - as a flavor versus just the alcohol. It is soft, rummy, and finger-licking good.

Country stats:

Day made: 1/27/2022, Thursday

Day post made: 2/17/2022, Thursday

Would I make it again? 9/10, curry was all right, but that RICE and that RUM CAKE, MAN.

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