1/30/2022 - Brunei Darussalam - Country #16

Updated: Apr 18

I have now entered the next phase of this blog - the next fifteen countries. I started this period with a little bit of a cheat - Brunei has many different Asian dishes - and I didn't make those. I, true American as I am, made pizza. But this pizza is only available in Brunei, so it is a Brunei specialty!

Now, apparently the Pizza Hut in Brunei makes this pizza, and the moment I saw it on a website featuring foods Brunei is known for (the website is since down, the link is since broken...this is not at all suspicious, folks), I wanted it. I wanted it so bad. It was Honey Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Brunei - The Foreign Fork. It was LOADED with garlic. If I could like, hand-pick everything I wanted on a pizza, this would be it - and here it was, all ready with a recipe, just waiting for me. It was love at first sight.

I made these pizzas at my aunt and uncle's. My aunt and cousin were willing participants in keeping up with their crazy niece/cousin - and they were sooo helpful. My aunt had the pizza dough all ready for me, the chicken prepped, and she regaled me with some good stories as we made pizzas and drank wine.

Behold, the epic garlic bulb preparation. I love garlic - garlic and vanilla are the only two ingredients I measure entirely with my heart. That said, I did follow the recipe this time, because this one had it right - we made three pizzas and it was a whole head of garlic per pizza, baby!

The garlic heads got their tops cut off and were roasted until golden. The garlic was so mild and slightly sweet and soft when I squeezed them out into the melted butter. You could literally eat them clove by clove; they were so nice and palpable, not aggressive or sharp at all.

BBQ sauce was mixed with honey and garlic and soy - half of it was the marinade for the chicken, the other half saved for the pizza sauce. Friendly reminder to not reuse your meat marinade unless you boil the crap out of it!!! Otherwise split in two for the two uses!!!



Also say hi to me and my cousin :)

The raw dough was smeared with garlic butter, topped with the BBQ sauce, mozz cheese, and then the marinated chicken breasts we roasted off. They were baked and then once out of the oven, topped with a drizzle of honey, sesame seeds, and green onions.


How did the pizza taste?

To quote Carla Hall,


We just kept eating it and eating it and eating it.

To quote The Muppets Movie, "Great idea, Walter."

There was a beautiful umami between the soy sauce, BBQ sauce, and honey. That green onion brought a little brightness. The chicken was hot and lovely. The crust was soft and the crust chewy. I mean, it tasted like BBQ chicken and a bunch of garlic on a pizza. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE???

Also, notice my aunt's famous Asian slaw. Perfect accompaniment!!

Needless to say, the pizzas did not survive the night - except for the one slice that was brought to my mom, who ate it for breakfast, just as her sister predicted she would.

Country stats:

Day made: 1/30/2022, Sunday

Day post made: 2/19/2022, Friday

Would I make it again? 10/10, I will eat this entire pizza by myself, stay out of my way

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