1/4/22 - Country #1 - Bahrain

Thus begins the journey of a 1000 steps - or 195+ recipes.

I decided to start with Bahrain for a couple of reasons - I'm working through the first 15 countries through 1/1-1/27. The country had to start with an A or a B. Then, I'm on a day off and this had a dessert that didn't take too much time.

I cooked chicken biryani (beer-e-on-e) and Ghoraiybah (ger-ray-ba). IE, chicken and rice and spices for the biryani, and a cardamom shortbread cookie for dessert.

In picking out the recipes for Bahrain, I googled 'Bahrain foods'. The website I found was Food of Bahrain: Famous Dishes of Bahrain | Jugaadin News. It included many foods from Bahrain, but I selected these two. As we will see through many of these recipes, these two dishes didn't actually originate from Bahrain. A lot of countries' home foods were brought over from other countries and adopted as part of the cuisine of that country. The particular biryani recipe I cooked is from India and the Ghoraiybah is Arabic in origin.


Last Tuesday, the 28th of December, I went on an epic grocery shopping list for staples. I went to six grocery stores - Harris Teeter, Aldi, Trader Joe's, Wegman's, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Market. So imagine my horror when I couldn't find star anise at any of these grocery stores, but instead found it at Food Lion.

I don't like shopping at Food Lion. But it has its purpose.

Thus began the cooking processes. I used way more spices than I ever usually do (I'm a white girl...what'd you expect, lolz). I'm not the biggest fan of using cinnamon and mint in savory foods, but I trusted the recipe to know more than me. I'm here to learn and observe, not nitpick. And it so WORKED.

I cooked Chicken Biryani Recipe - Swasthi's Recipes (indianhealthyrecipes.com) + Ghoraiybah Recipe | Allrecipes.

AND DUDE...!!!

I didn't add as much salt to the rice because I oversalted the marinade, so I added a little salt at the end. The marinated chicken was tender and not overcooked. The spices were warm, full, and comforting. The dish wasn't spicy; it was spiced. Please note the distinction.

The cookie is pale, cooked in a low oven of 300 degrees. It fell apart in my mouth; so crumbly. This is due to the copious amount of butter and the cornstarch in the powdered sugar. Only note I can add is that next time, I need to use salted butter.

The long and short of it is that I enjoyed my food from Bahrain. I licked my plate clean and thoroughly enjoyed my cookie. I have learned to not be afraid of salt and to trust the tons of spices in recipes as they all have a role to play in the end result.


Country: Bahrain:

Dishes: chicken biryani and Ghoraiybah

Day made: 1/4/2022, Tuesday

Day posted: 1/4/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? Yes, 8.5/10


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