1/5/22 - Country #2 - Bangladesh

Updated: Apr 18

Bangladesh is lucky country #2 - it was a comforting meal to make after a long day. I enjoyed cooking late into the evening with Next Food Network Star in the background. My poor cat wanted attention that she couldn't get. She sat on my laptop, observing me, as I had four pots on the stove. (Don't worry, she's next to me right now, probably more comfortable and happy than you are).

Today I made haleem (curry beef with a mixture of oatmeal, lentils, and rice) and fuchka (fried semolina dough patties with a filling of navy beans, potatoes, and seasonings, served with a tamarind spice sauce). I got my recipes from Lucknow Haleem Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes, How To Make Fuchka (banglarrannaghor.com), and Beef Korma - A Rich & Creamy Korma Curry Recipe With Tasty Ideas For Sides (greedygourmet.com).

Ngl, I made some changes along the way, for worse and for better. I reduced the tamarind sauce and cooked the potatoes for the fuchka in the sauce, which was good. Then, I forgot to add a bunch of ingredients that are supposed to be added last minute to the curry beef until I plated it! The meat was dumped into the pot and ingredients were added, lolz (well, most of the ingredients. I had a long day of 9 hours of work and didn't eat until 9:30 PM. I wasn't waiting a few more minutes to cook out a few more spices).

Loved the textures of this meal. The beef was tender; I loved the crunch of the cashews on top. The oatmeal/lentil/rice mixture seemed to me the least promising, and y'all, that was good. The starch was strong with this one - beautiful with browned red onions and cilantro and lemon. The fried semolina patties seemed the most promising - and the first one puffed and the others didn't. You see, you're supposed to stuff them. I couldn't do that. So I topped them. The patties tasted good but because they didn't puff, they were dense and a little tough. I enjoyed the taste of the filling - a little spicy for me, but the warmth was good. I'd never had tamarind before - it was sweeter than I thought, pulpy and full of seeds when I worked with it.

I had such fun eating this. This meal felt like an experience to another country. It was a long day and I mis-stepped a couple of times, but I had a long day and I...I enjoyed this. This was the best part of my day. (And I got leftovers for days so score.)


Country: Bangladesh

Dishes: haleem and fuchka

Day made: 1/5/2022, Wednesday

Day posted: 1/5/2022, Wednesday

Would I make it again? Yes, 8.5/10

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