2/10/2022 - Botswana - Country #21

Updated: Apr 18

Botswana was an easy and hurried country, bless its heart. I made it on the day that I was also having cousins over to go see an Imagine Dragons concert. It was simple to put together and I enjoyed it.

Botswana is a land-locked country in Africa. I found the foods they eat in Botswana from https://secretafrica.com/top-8-foods-to-eat-in-botswana/. I ended up making their national dish, which is How to make Seswaa, Botswana's official national dish - G Adventures (slow cooked beef over cornmeal mush).

The beef was put in a slow cooker with bay leaves, salt and pepper. Easy peasy, lemony squeezy. Note also the cameo appearance of my favorite cat, Juliet:

The beef cooked for a few hours in the slow cooker. Meanwhile, I made pap, or cornmeal in boiling water. Good thing I'm not a photography blog, because I would not win any awards with this shaky picture of a pot of water and a bag of cornmeal, LOLZ.

Half the meat was chopped up, half was shredded. It was an in the moment, whatever worked, kind of thing.


The meat that was shredded was tender, the chopped bit a little lesser so. I didn't know that boiled cornmeal could taste so good. It was like grits, but smoother from such a fine grind. That soaked in slow cooked meat juice is some good eatin', y'all.

Country stats:

Day made: 2/10/2022, Thursday

Day post made: 2/27/2022, Sunday

Would I make it again? 7.5/10, the meat was all right - could use a bit more seasoning and a gravy versus juice, but I've already started cooking more cornmeal this way, lol

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