2/12/2022 - Cambodia - Country #22

Updated: Apr 18

I loved making Cambodia. I made this fast and easy noodle dish while hanging out with my SiL, one of my sisters, and one of my nieces. It was official Girls' Night - we ate delicious stir fry; there were also some fabulous homemade drinks, over-the-top brownies, and an appreciated airing of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.

Now, to focus on Cambodia.

Here is a map of Cambodia:

I googled "cambodian foods noodles". I am an excellent researcher, as you can obviously tell. I found How To Make Cambodian Lort Cha (Stir-fried Rice Pin Noodles) (whattocooktoday.com).

Gotta tell you, I believe stir frys are the nicest things to make. Throw everything in and out of a pan, add some seasonings and everyone back together - and Bob's your uncle - dinner is done.

So, when you make stir fries, you're going to collect a bunch of Asian seasonings in your fridge - your sesame oil, fish sauce, oyster sauce, duck sauce, soy sauce, mirin, etc. What's good, though, is that they last forever and one or the other is always found in Asian dishes. So, any time you want to make a stir fry or noodles or stuff like that, you've already got the majority of the seasonings needed on hand.

The pork was snipped with scissors and fried off:

(I don't have a wok. I honestly don't have the cupboard space. When in a pinch, a large frying pan will do.)

Cooked off some aromatics and cabbage. Also, green beans were added later. All these veggies negated the effects of the terrible-for-you brownies we ate later, right?


(Also, the original recipe called for rice pin noodles, which are smaller and unique to Asian markets. I didn't have time to make a specialty trip to the Asian market, so I just grabbed rice noodles from the American supermarket I work at. And it worked!!!)

The four of us (one being not even two years old) ate all of this unabashedly. The noodles were al dente and coated lightly in sauce. The vegetable were soft with just a bite of crisp. The pork was tender. It was just...so lip-smacking good. We enjoyed every bite!!!

Country stats:

Day made: 2/12/2022, Saturday

Day post made: 3/2/2022, Wednesday

Would I make this again? 9.5/10, 1000% will make this again; trying to figure out a day and time when I'm not cooking another country just to make this again, lolz.

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