2/18/2022 - Belarus - Country #26

Belarus has won my heart purely because its chosen dish is cheese and potatoes. Who doesn't love cheese and potatoes??? Whatever their combination is, I'm down for it. Definitely one of my ultimate comfort foods.

Belarus is the other corner that makes up the triangle of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Timely that I'm making this meal now.

I researched on Top 10 Delicious Belarusian Dishes - Visit Belarus (visit-belarus.com) and Best Country: Cuisine of Belarus (best-country.com) for what dishes to make. I'd already made vanilla ice cream, which is eaten a lot in Belarus, for Belgium, so I had that for a leftover. Then I made Belarusian Potato and Cheese "Souffle" Babka - Olga's Flavor Factory (olgasflavorfactory.com) (cheese and potato casserole. Did I mention it was cheese and potatoes in a casserole form??? Can you tell I'm from the South?).

Firstly, gather all your ingredients (and your faithful feline roommate).

Boil some taters, sautee some onions, mix some creamy mixtures, and hang out with your faithful feline companion (all good things, all good things). The parboiled potatoes are then hand-shredded (actually easier than you think, despite how fricking hot they were).


Ya just layer and layer it and then bake it. (Shout-out to my aunt and uncle for the Pioneer Woman baking dish #notsponsored #lolzy).


It tasted like hashbrown casserole, y'all. We're in the South - I know you've been to some Baptist church potluck at some point in your life and had yourself some hash brown casserole. It's cheese and potatoes and comfort and home and hard to eat not an entire panful and this is all you ever want out of food!!!

Also, I ate leftover vanilla ice cream I'd made for Belgium because apparently vanilla ice cream is also a Belarus thing. Two birds with one stone!

Country stats:

Day made: 2/18/2022, Friday (geezie Lousie I am behind on this blog :P)

Day post made: 4/8/2022, Friday :D

Would I make this again? 9/10, hell yes I would

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