2/2/2022 - Bhutan - Country #17

Updated: Apr 18

So Bhutan is the first like, Asian country I've found (besides Brunei, but let's face it - that Brunei pizza was Americanized) that actively uses cheese in its dishes. Bhutan has the Himalayas - mountains. Mountains means goats. Goats mean cheese.

I am down for cheese, all the time, so I was a happy camper.

I looked up Bhutanese Food: 25 Best Dishes To Eat When You're In Bhutan! (migrationology.com) and decided to make Kewa Datshi (Bhutanese Dish) Recipe | Allrecipes (potatoes, cheese, and peppers - a riff off scalloped potatoes) and How to Make Butter Tea from Bhutan - The Foreign Fork (butter. In tea).

This was so simple, you guys. Red chiles and onion and garlic in hot oil - potatoes and cheese - yummy! Everything was cut up and simmered and that was about it. Kewa Datshi = DONE!

Served it with roasted broccoli and brown sugar slow cooker chicken (these were not Bhutanese dishes but they were darn tasty!) My brother and I quite liked the potatoes. Very spicy, but the cheese softens the spice - and the loose sauce was tasty and savory on the broccoli and chicken.

After an episode of Hawkeye with my brother, I made butter tea. This was more interesting.

Hot tea into a blender with butter and salat and half and half. It got blitzed for like three minutes. We tasted it, and to quote my brother, "It's quite buttery." I added some SF caramel syrup to each of our mugs and we liked it much better - just a little sugar (or fake sugar) to offset the fat. It was creamy, warm, and soft - and a little salty, weirdly enough. It was good, though.

Country stats:

Day made: 2/2/2022, Wednesday

Day post made: 2/19/2022, Saturday

Would I make this again? 8/10, probably; I've already replicated the butter tea technique of blending tea and half and half in a blender to both cool down the tea and create a latte-like foam on top.

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