2/3/2022 - Burundi - Country #18

Updated: Apr 18

So this is my first official disaster of this blog. Completely my fault - I am an okay cook who can get away with many things - burning your bulgur wheat porridge is not one of them :P

Besides the fact that I burnt Burundi, I liked poor Burundi. It was very easy to prep. I searched for Burundi foods and found https://www.pokpoksom.com/10-most-popular-foods-in-burundi/. From this list I decided to make Boko Boko Harees (Burundi) Recipe - Food.com (chicken and bulgur wheat porridge).

Firstly was the bulgur wheat - soaked overnight in water. Then it was boiled with chicken breasts.

They were frozen together, because I forgot that this is one of those recipes that doesn't require a whole chicken that I cut up, but chicken breasts instead. These were retrieved and hit with a spatula (I believe the technical term is 'bonked') until separated in the water.

You were then supposed to cook chicken giblets with turmeric and water to form a paste. I don't like organ meat, so I opted for leaving those out.

The chicken was cut up and the bulgur wheat was not babysat properly and I let it burn. Like, a big black circle of black bulgur wheat crust that soaked for two weeks on the bottom of the pan, burnt. The chicken and bulgur wheat were mixed together and topped with the turmeric paste and onions sauteed in ghee.

It would've been good, if I hadn't burnt it :P It was permeated with burnt flavor. I liked the flavor of the onions and the turmeric paste added excellent color. Poor chicken and bulgur wheat....

Country stats:

Day made: 2/3/2022, Thursday

Day post made: 2/20/2022, Sunday

Would I make it again? 7/10; it tasted burnt, and that was 100% on me; poor Burundi...I burned Burundi...

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