2/6/2022 - Bolivia - Country #20

Updated: Apr 18

We're heading down to South America to eat a beautiful combination of fresh and fried food. Bolivia!

I was excited to try these recipes. I found what I should make from https://www.rainforestcruises.com/guides/bolivian-food. I ended up making Silpancho from Bolivia - The Foreign Fork (rice, fried potatoes, fried eggs, tomato salsa, and fried beef) and Cocadas Recipe | Ingrid Hoffmann | Food Network (coconut cookies). Both of these recipes are classic Bolivia yet are familiar to my palate.

I'm still not sure what the difference between a Jewish coconut macaroon and a Bolivian cocada is - just imagine you're making a coconut macaroon and BOOM you've made a cocada - lol.

While the cookies baked, I got everything out for the silpancho.

Boiled some potatoes before frying them; cut up all my veggies and made them into a salsa; and mixed my ground beef and spices for the beef patties.

In this slide show below, I show you a basic breading procedure. This ground beef was treated like chicken fried steak - but I think it was cool that it was a beef patty as opposed to a cube steak.

The silpancho was assembled with rice on the bottom, then the fried beef patty on top; then a fried egg; and this is all surrounded by fried potatoes and salsa.


I ate the silpancho with two sisters and a brother - and we really enjoyed it. The fried beef was crispy and salty. The salsa was fresh, though too red-onion-forward. The yolk of the fried egg became the sauce, though it could use more. The fried potato paired well with every component.

The cocadas taste like a good old fashioned coconut macaroon, y'all - and I am a SUCKER for a coconut macaroon. Chewy, coconut-forward, sweet and caramel-y - I ate too many of these. XD

Country stats:

Day made: 2/6/22, Sunday

Day post made: 2/22/22, Tuesday

Would I make this again? 8/10 - I think I will LOL. Little less red onion and introduce a sauce - a chimichurri would be KILLER on this

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