3/11/2022 - Colombia - Country #31

When I started the next period of countries, I had to start with Colombia. I had to. I made the Colombian food and ate dinner with my brother and introduced him to Encanto. I had previously introduced him to "We Don't Talk About Bruno" and "Surface Pressure" on a different night, completely out of context, and he was soooo confused after watching them. So now here was the perfect way to get into the spirit of things and have him watch and enjoy the movie in full context :)

I spent a great deal of my time while I was cooking singing on repeat, "My cousin Dolores can hear a pin drop / Camilo shapeshifts / Antonio gets his gift today". Like, literally just that lyric. It is a vibe, I'll tell you waht.

I apparently didn't track where I found the ideas for Colombia. BUT I knew I wanted to make arepas con queso, lolz. I decided to make Pollo con Salsa de Queso (Chicken Breast with Cheese Sauce) - My Colombian Recipes and Chowhound (apparently website not found now??? but it was a recipe for cheese arepas) and also decaf coffee because this was dinner, lolz.

First, gather ingredients:

Next, mixed the dough up for the arepas con queso:

This cheese is called edam cheese. Very mild.

Also, suffered from lack of visuals while constructing and cooking these arepas - combine that with it having been a hot minute since I've seen Encanto, and I made the arepas FAR too flat. Oh well lolz.

Next, fried off some butterflied chicken (dos oruguitas - lolz, nope, just chicken breasts split down the middle). Also, cook off some tomatoes for a sauce and then make a ridiculously cheesy sauce

Colombia's moneyshots are brought to you by: a very good-natured and willing-to-appease-his-extra-little-sister-older-brother:


The chicken was tender, the cheese sauce salty with a lot of fat and texture of silk. The tomatoes were bright and acidic against the rich sauce. The arepas (while too flat) tasted delicious. They can't heal your hand or nothing, but it was a little corn and a little grit and great for sopping up all this delicious food! I enjoyed my decaf coffee and my brother and I enjoyed Encanto, lolz.

Day made: 3/11/2022, Friday

Day post made: 4/19/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? 8/10, yes, if just to redeem myself for these poor arepas!

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