3/19/2022 - Central African Republic - Country #32

Come with me and my boyfriend to the Central African Republic!!!

I feel like the African countries and I haven't been jiving - their dishes usually have cassava, snails, seafood, or other ingredients I'm not comfortable working with. I really enjoyed making this one tho - and it was my boyfriend's favorite. He jokes that I feel like I struggle with the African countries the most, but they taste the best to him. I'm glad he thinks so, lolz.

I made the recipe from Recipes from The Central African Republic: Kanda ti Nyma (palfreymedia.com) for Kanda ti Nyma (pumpkin seed meatballs). Apparently I didn't record where I picked out this meal from (I didn't save the website, I mean). I ventured forth with an open heart and an empty stomach...

Firstly, you gather your ingredients:

Next, pulverize your toasted pumpkin seeds until they no longer even slightly resemble their former selves. Mix this together to make a yummbly meatball-esque mixture.

Next, sauté up all your veg and add THE MEATZ.

(Don't forget to have some rice going on the back burner to serve with it.)

Once all is cooked up, mix in a crapload (measure that - it is a very specific measurement) of chopped parsley, serve it over top rice, and Bob's your uncle! (Literally, in my case.)


She ain't the prettiest girl in the beauty pageant, but she got the most heart. Moist, tender meat - slightly spicy from the jalapenos. Bright with the parsley, homey and filling, all sopped up on some good ol' brown rice - this was pretty darn tasty. It is still my man's favorite, bless 'im.

Country stats:

Day made: 3/19/2022, Saturday

Day post made: 4/20/2022, Wednesday (Chris, is that a police? I'm calling the weed!)

Would I make it again? 7.5/10, if my boyfriend requested it again, I would, lolz

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