3/1/2022 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - #28

Updated: May 24

Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered me one of my favorite things - meat pie. I love meat and I love pie and ever since reading about pork pie in an abridged version of Great Expectations as a child, I've always wanted to have meat pie. Consider my childhood's wishful thinking a reality. :)

Meet Bosnia and Herzegovina, folks. East of Europe, west of Russia. I researched foods to eat for Bosnia and Herzegovina on The 21 Best Dishes to Eat in Bosnia and Herzegovina (theculturetrip.com) and decided to make Burek from Bosnia and Herzegovina - The Foreign Fork (meat pie) :). Then, they also drink black coffee with a sugar cube on the side. I did not, as this was my dinner and I didn't want to stay up half the night. My youth no longer can tolerate caffeine after 4 PM, regrettably. So I drank decaf coffee like the old woman I am XD

Firstly and thusly:

Brown your meat and onions and spices all up (the cast iron skillet has had quite the workout these past few months):

You then get super confused by the instructions on how to actually assemble the burek because you are a visual person and when people tell you to do something that requires visuals and you don't have them, it takes a long time for your brain to process it. But you do it, eventually. (Read the recipe and maybe you'll understand me more. ;))

Your dough:

Your dough covered in melted butter:

Follow the trail of spiced meat...

Roll 'er up!!!

Spin her into a spiral and sprinkle her with sesame seeds!!!

Ain't she pretty!!! (Pictured alongside are old Brussel sprouts that I cut thin, doused with oil and vinegar, and baked at a hot oven until roasty toasty. Easily the best Brussel sprouts I've ever ate :))


To quote esteemed chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Marcus Samuelsson, "Yummy." The pastry was flaky, the meat savory; it was just yummy.

Day made: 3/1/2022, Tuesday

Day post made: 4/11/2022, Monday

Would I make it again? 8.5/10, heck yes I would!!!

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