3/21/2022 - Democratic Republic of the Congo - #33

This is going to sound terrible, but I didn't know that there was both a Republic of the Congo AND a Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Cue the lyric from Hamilton about Democratic-Republicans from 'Washington on Your Side' that I always think of any time I read/hear Democratic-Republican versus Democrats AND Republicans.) This blog is very educational, folks. I'm a lifelong learner; if I don't learn something new every day, what was the point?

To find recipes, I researched on 10 Most Popular Foods in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - PokPokSom and also Congolese cuisine - Wikipedia (if I didn't end up on Wikipedia at some point during this blog, I wouldn't be me) and decided to make (1) New Message! (epersianfood.com) (moambe - peanut butter tomato chicken...yes I said that) and Caakiri (Couscous Pudding) Recipe - The Foreign Fork (couscous pudding...duh). This was certainly...interesting. (Friendly reminder to everyone that if you call something 'interesting', it's because that is literally the best thing you can say about it :D)

It started out with some browning of chicken and onions and some tomato paste - easy peasy.

While that bubbled, I made the couscous pudding. Cooked off the couscous (Moroccan couscous is tiny pasta; add some boiling water, cover it for five minutes, and it's done.)

Then, added some yogurt and sweet things:

Here comes the fun part. To the tomato chicken mixture we're gonna add some...peanut butter.

I was not happy about adding peanut butter to the tomato chicken mixture. But here we are.

I was trusting. Too trusting. My trust was betrayed.

Some moneyshots because even if I don't think it sounds appetizing, it was still pretty!!!:

The moambe (national dish of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) tasted...interesting. It was served atop brown rice, which was good for sopping up the sauce. The chicken was cooked well, plenty sauced. I-I think my brain just couldn't comprehend having peanut butter in this. It was just...not my favorite.

I liked the couscous pudding way more. Twangy from the yogurt, sweet and creamy, with the tang and texture of the pineapple - I enjoyed it immensely. I had the rest of the bowls I made for breakfast over the next couple of days.

Country stats:

Day made: 3/21/2022, Monday

Day post made: 5/4/2022, Wednesday (I'm trying to get caught up...I swear!)

Would I make it again? 7/10...I'm sure those who like this dish love it, but I'm not one of those people :P

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