3/23/2022 - Cayman Islands - Country #35

Cayman Islands is typically a place you go for vacation, not cook for your average weeknight meal. Well, folks, I ain't traveling, but I shall eat like I am. Thus this was a Wednesday night meal.

So I researched what they eat in the Cayman Islands, and I find myself in a conundrum: all these islanders eat a lot of seafood overall for their cuisine, and I don't like seafood. Thus I'm making beans and rice...again. I should keep count how many times I make and eat beans and rice for this blog. Not necessarily a bad thing; I love beans and rice.

Anywhoozles, I looked up on Local Caymanian Recipes: Cassava Cake, Conch, and Lionfish (visitcaymanislands.com) what to eat. Here is a note from my notes: 'I can't find much that isn't seafood or conch or turtle'. LOLZ. Anyways, I made Caribbean Coconut Rice and Beans Recipe - Food.com (self-explanatory) and The Real Mojito Recipe | Allrecipes (y'all already know what that is...;)) If I'm just going to have beans and rice for a Wednesday night meal, I'mma make an alcoholic beverage.

First I got plenty of ingredients out.

You make a rice like you normally do - with bay leaves and coconut milk. Nice and creamy. Then you add your canned beans. Done.

I believe the correct term here is 'muddling'. You 'muddle' your mint and lime and then add your club soda and liquor. Then DONE!!!


The mojito was yum-yum-yum; nothing can go wrong with a mojito. I will definitely keep this black bean and rice dish. The coconut milk added a subtle coconut flavor. Then I realized I was very hungry, so I went off-grid and put this rice on corn tortilla with salsa, shredded cheese, and sour cream. And them's was good eats.

Country stats:

Day made: 3/23/2022, Wednesday

Day post made: 5/12/20222, Thursday

Would I make it again? 8/10, yes, yes I would, lolz

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