3/28/2022 - Chad - Country #39

We're naming countries after frat boys now, huh? Or is it the other way around...

I think I'm hilarious and enormously clever, just FYI, lol.

I was looking up when I should go and make for the country of Chad and I found this website:

9 Traditional Chadian Foods Everyone Should Try - Medmunch. I have been struggling with what kind of recipes to make for African countries but I ended up deciding to go ahead and make this recipe: Bangaou (Lamb & Sweet Potatoes) – Chad – Cooking With Alisa (with some tomatoes in there to boot - and I switched out chicken instead of lamb like the recipe said I could 'cause lamb is expensive).

First you gather your ingredients:

I then sauteed my chicken with the onion and aromatics while I cut up the vegetables. Those all went in with the chicken; what I will give Chad is this - this is a very healthy recipe - plenty of vegetables. You just stew it up until the chicken is cooked through and the sweet potatoes are falling apart.

The peas go in at the last minute so they aren't overcooked. I then served this over Moroccan couscous -very African.

Money shot!!!

This was an interesting dish - I'm not the biggest sweet potato girl in the world and I don't think I have ever had them with tomatoes, but the vegetables together were creamy. It was very carby overall with the sweet potatoes and the couscous and I enjoyed the tender pieces of chicken which provided some protein and texture against the creaminess of the vegetables. It was good; wasn't my favorite, but it was good.

Country stats:

Day made: 3/28/2022, Monday

Day post made: 5/25/2022, Wednesday

Would I make it again? 7.5/10, probably not, but glad I tried it.

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