3/29/2022 - China - Country #40

When I was setting up my Google spreadsheet of countries and I was setting up period #3's countries, I was sooooo excited to see that China was in this period's countries. Do you know what a food paradise China is for a person like me??? So much choice - and c'mon: everyone LOVES Chinese food.

China Night consisted of having three siblings and my boyfriend over; we'd eat all these delicious Chinese foods and then watch Mulan, which is easily one of my top ten movies EVER.

So I didn't look up what Chinese foods to make. I already knew what I wanted. I wanted dumplings and rice and tea and Chinese green beans; I'd already found the Chinese recipe for a raspberry snowflake cake on my Pinterest wanderings, so that was already taken care of. I found a recipe for the actual dumplings and then proceeded to have fun. Here are the recipes I used:

- Traditional Chinese Dumplings (a step by step guide) - Mama Loves to Cook

- Garlic Chinese Style Green Beans Recipe | Yummly

- Raspberry Snowflake Cake - Egg Wan's Eastern Food Odyssey (eggwansfoododyssey.com)

(If y'all can't make white rice or black tea, I won't help you. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.)

First, ingredients were gathered for the pork dumplings. Ground pork was mixed with seasonings and egg yolk and then stuck into the fridge to marinate. (The correct term is 'marinate'; I prefer the term 'percolate'.)

Next, start the dessert. Which was weird.

First, water and raspberries together on a scale since the recipe is in metric versus imperial:

I then added a ish-ton of sugar:

What logically follows is the making of this facial expression:

I then took a picture of gelatin powder, obviously.

(Those aren't bugs. The glass on the back of my camera is broken; that is dust on the lens.)

I then proceeded to cook the raspberries and water and sugar together; then, mixed with an unHEALTHY amount of cornstarch, put the entire stodgy mess into a pan. Then, after I did that, I realized I forgot to add the gelatin.




Savoy cabbage hung out with some salt to draw out the water; then, drained, added to the dumpling mix.

Mixed up some dough and made each dumpling - individually. Like the Chinese army, I enlisted my brother into helping out with this mountainous task.

Forgot to take picture of the finishing of the dumplings. So we filled them and crimped them and they looked like dumplings. You - you know what dumplings look like, right? Good - carry on. After they were made, they were boiled until cooked through - and half were fried off - potsticker-like.

I was too busy making green beans as my siblings and boyfriend showed up to take pictures of dumplings, lolz.

Money shots!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, them was some good eats. The green beans and dumplings were served in a traditional Chinese dish bought by my late uncle Rich and sent to me to have by my dear aunt :D. The dumplings were the stars here - tender when boiled, crispy when fried, they had a tender filling with excellent salt levels and taste. The green beans were full of garlic, umami, and sesame. The rice was touched off by soy sauce and the black tea steeped well. The raspberry snowflake cake was...very jiggly. The flavor was mild, overly sweet. Good try, there.

Country stats:

Day made: 3/29/2022, Tuesday

Day post made: 5/26/2022, Thursday

Would I make it again? 9/10, excluding the snowflake cake, 100% will make these again

I think they liked it :)


(I hope I made Mulan proud. :))

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