3/5/2022 - Burkina Faso - #30

Burkina Faso in Africa had one of my favorite African dishes so far. I'm an easy girl to please - tell me I need to make some veggie rice and I am good to go!!!

I researched on Gastronomy in Burkina Faso (studycountry.com) what to make for Burkina Faso and decided to make One-pot Spicy Tomato Rice (Riz Gras) - Gourmet Vegetarians (I think that title explains it pretty well, lol). I had to look up what a red capsicum was, though, lol.

First, gather all your ingredients:

Next, puree your vegetables so that they just look like an icky red smoothie.

Next, sauté up some more vegetables and add your rice and icky red smoothie.

You cook it up like you cook rice up and BOOM!


I just love rice, y'all. Savory and deep, slow-cooked and comforting, it has its depth of flavor from the cooked down tomato paste and its time bubbling in a cast iron pan. Yummy!!!

Country stats:

Day made: 3/5/2022, Saturday

Day post made: 4/18/2022, Monday

Would I make it again? 8/5/10, yes, I probably will. Twas yummy!!!

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