4/15/2022 - Congo, Republic of the - Country #45

"Hannah, what are you making for the Republic of the Congo?"

"I'm making loso na madesu."

"Oh, that sounds so cool and foreign and complicated! What is it?"

"Beans and rice."

"...beans and rice?"

"Yeah, beans and rice."

"...but you just made beans and rice."


"...why don't you make something else?"

"...because I like beans and rice. It just so happens that a lot of the world eats beans and rice, too, which works out pretty conveniently for me." :)

TOP 10 Traditional Congolese (Republic of the Congo) Foods - The Travel Hacking Life led me to Congolese cuisine - Wikipedia which led me to Recipes from The Democratic Republic of the Congo: Loso na Madesu (Congolese Beans and Rice) (palfreymedia.com) (the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo basically eat the same cuisine) and Classic White Russian Recipe – A Couple Cooks.

You may follow my cooking journey through pictures, only I won't explain myself, because all of y'all should have read my last post on how to make beans and rice - and all of y'all can conclude how to make a white Russian from the pics too, lol.


(I was out of vodka and it was late and alcohol is ALCOHOL.)


The white Russian was strong, rich, and comforting. The beans and rice were savory with spices; the oil cut through the carbs and bolstered the sturdiness of the beans. Most totes yummy.

Country stats:

Day made: 4/15/2022, Friday

Day post made: 6/3/2022, Friday

Would I make it again? 8.5/10; I'm a simple girl - I see rice and beans, I click

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