4/20/2022 - Costa Rica - Country #46

Poor Costa Rica didn't get as much time in the limelight as real life got in the way.

That story is coming, lolz.

I looked up on Costa Rica Food and https://www.bookmundi.com/t/best-costa-rican-food on what to make and decided on Tico Style Sopa Negra Recipe (Costa Rican Black Bean Soup) (costa-rica-guide.com).

I was working, so I got the ingredients for this recipe out on my counter on my lunch. When I got off at 5 PM, my boyfriend would meet me at my apartment and I would make dinner, right?

WRONG. I got a call on my way home that my assistant was leaving my store and would report to his new store the next day. Soooo....I just worked my last shift with a guy I'd worked with for almost a year through the latest year of the pandemic - without knowing it. And this is the way I find out. Nice!!!

I got home, shed a few tears, then handed my keys over to my boyfriend with instructions to start dinner, and went back to work to inform my poor assistant (no one had told him he was moving to a new store the very next day...great), that we just worked together for the last time, and this was goodbye.

I was already having a day, so when I got home, wiping away tears, my boyfriend had bought me flowers, my favorite ice cream, and had hand-written a letter full of encouragement - all of these were waiting for me on my coffee table. Have I ever mentioned how much I love him???

He was well into this soup (life-saver that he is), so we shall pick up where he left off:

Into this broth of green peppers and beans were eggs.

Hard-cooked eggs in broth. I'll bite.

You're supposed to eat the soup with the eggs, but I wanted to umph it up. I put the soup over leftover beans and rice, added the eggs, and also added some taco-seasoned chicken on top.


Nothing is more comforting than coming home from a long-ass work day (on a Tuesday, no less) to the man you love making soup and making sure you're okay. This soup was comforting. It was savory, salty, full of varying textures - every spoonful was flavorful and different. And it was made with love, which tastes so nice.

Country stats:

Day made: 4/20/2022 (nice), Tuesday

Day post made: 6/8/2022, Wednesday

Would I make it again? 8/10, maybe, just maybe, lolz

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