4/22/2022 - Cuba - Country #47

Updated: Jun 13

Cuba instantly makes me think of Ricky Ricardo. When we got cable in 2007, one of the first things little ol' tween me did was record and watch every single episode of 'I Love Lucy'. I went from just watching bits and pieces of it on random weekday mornings to watching through every episode whenever I wanted to. It was pure bliss - and I love Lucy - and Ricky, too.

I didn't even look up what I wanted to make. I knew immediately I wanted to make Cuban sandwiches (pork, pickle, mustard, deli ham, and Swiss cheese sandwiches done panini-style) and tostones (twice-fried plantains). I ended up making Cuban Sandwich Recipe | Tasting Table, Tostones (Fried Green Plantains) - Host The Toast, and its dipping sauce, Mojo Verde (Canarian Green Mojo Sauce) - Host The Toast.

I just realized I didn't listen to 'Havana' while I made this. I think I will survive, lolz.

First, marinate your pork.

While that marinates, I sliced my GREEN plantains and fried them for the FIRST time.

After the first fry, they're put in olive oil and lime juice. Then, fried at a higher temperature for a nice crisp - and finished with salt!

The pork was roasted off off-screen (I forgot to take pics, lolz) and the sandwiches were assembled. As it is hard to handle food and take pictures at the same time, just know that I sliced the pork and layered it with black forest ham, Swiss cheese, lavish amounts of mustard, and pickle. Then, into the pan.

When you don't own a panini press, you made do, lolz.

The mojo verde sauce was made by pureeing all the ingredients (including an entire bunch of cilantro, to my poor boyfriend's distaste) in a blender. The Cubans got nice and brown (and fall-aparty. They're freaking huge!!!) and sliced in half and ready for dinner!


We had eaten most of the tostones by the time the Cubans were done, lolz. They were crunchy, mealy, salty, and addictive. The mojo verde sauce was bright and acidic.

We ate those Cubans with abandon and I got mustard all over me and I DON'T CARE. The heavy amounts of mustard against the salty ham, the meaty pork, fatty cheese, and the almost-burnt (which is what I like) crusty bread was perfection. Messy, but perfection.

Country stats:

Day made: 4/22/2022, Thursday

Day post made: 6/9/2022, Thursday

Would I make it again? 9/10, 100% yes

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