4/25/2022 - Ecuador - Country #48

Updated: Jun 13

One of my favorite things to find from all these countries is what kind of street food they eat. I discovered some fancy-schmancy looking dressed-up French fries for Ecuador - and I was intrigued.

I forget what I researched to make this, lol. But here are the two recipes - Salchipapas: Latin style french fries - Laylita's Recipes - and Onion and tomato curtido salad/salsa - Latin Recipes - Laylita's Recipes. Isn't salchipapas fun to say??? It is composed of French fries, tomato mayo, quick-pickled onions, and fried hot dogs. Salchipapas!!!

First, the cut potatoes were soaked in water. My boyfriend and I prepped while they soaked; then they were dried and fried.

Homemade mayo was made and then tomato added to it.

Then the red onions were quick-pickled with some salt by just hanging out with salt; then, the salt was rinsed off and tomato and herbs added to it.

I forgot to take pictures, but the hot dogs were cut in half - then each half had a plus sign cut deep into each end and then they were deep-fried. This allowed the hot dogs to curl and get crispy.


These were YUMMY!!! Crispy salty homemade fries; tomato mayo that tastes soft and familiar; pickled onions and tomato and cilantro added some bright acidity, but not too much of a rough bite; the hot dogs were crispy and brown; all together - oh so yummy!!!

Country stats:

Day made: 4/25/2022, Monday

Day post made: 6/13/2022, Monday

Would I make it again? 9/10, aw heck yeah!!!}

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