4/27/2022 - Dominican Republic - #49

Going off of having made French fries last post, today was a good day for making burgers. My birthday would be coming up, and I wanted to test my apartment complex's grills before they were used to feed 40 people.

I don't remember what I looked up to find the Chimi Burger, lol. [Recipe + Video] Chimichurri (The Famous Dominican Chimi Burger) (dominicancooking.com). It is a burger with a chimi sauce (ketchup, mayo, orange juice, and Worcestershire sauce), cabbage slaw, red onions, and tomatoes.

First, mixed sauce together.

Then pureed ingredients for the burger mixture and mixed up the burger mixture.

I grilled the burgers and then mixed some of the sauce with the cut-up cabbage. Then, all got stacked up together!

Moneyshots!!! (blurry moneyshots, lolz)

This was the perfect venture into summer grilling. The burgers were tender and flavorful. The grilled red onions and tomatoes added brightness and a little more char. The cabbage slaw tasted familiar with the ketchup and mayo. Served on a wheat bun was an American move, but it held up to all of these flavors. (Also pictured but definitely not from the Dominican Republic is Mexican slaw and curly fries, which were soooo good.)

Country stats:

Day made: 4/27/2022, Wednesday

Day post made: 6/14/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? 9/10, yes, yes I would

It is safe to say that the grills worked, lolz.

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