4/7/2022 - Comoros - Country #42

Comoros is fun to spell. It reminds me of the word 'banana'.

(I need to keep a diary or something 'cause y'all are just getting some random ish.)


This was probably the tastiest of the African countries so far. I looked up on 10 Most Popular Foods in Comoros - PokPokSom for what to make and decided to make Mishkaki Recipe (Mshakiki) - We Eat At Last (beef kebabs) and Fufu Recipe - Food.com (fufu is a traditional African food that is made as a starchy dough like pounded rice, cassava, yam, etc., that is used as a scoop to eat your food with).

Firstly, get your ingredients out:

Prep the kebabs by cutting up veggies and the steak and marinating them.

Once marinated, employ one of your best friends and your boyfriend to help you skewer the mix, as you have had traumatic experiences of skewering yourself numerous times with metal skewers and are wary of the process. These kebabs go on a searing hot indoor grill to be cooked by your boyfriend until done.

Meanwhile, you live in America, so instead of using pounded cassava or yam, you make the fufu by vigorously mixing Bisquick and dried potato flakes into boiling water with your friend's help and beating it until it is cooked. Fun stuff.

Money shots!!!

The fufu was mild and an excellent scoop for the meat. The meat was well-seasoned, the bell peppers soft and charred, with a little too much onion for your preference. Excellent meal.

Country stats:

Day made: 4/7/2022, Thursday

Day post made: 5/30/2022, Monday

Would I make it again? 8/10, I might, actually

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