5/23/2022 - Djibouti - Country #56

I looked forward to this country for a couple of reasons - it was an African country with a savory fried

item to make. Also, you pronounce it as 'ja-booty'. ;)

...I need to get my laughs where I can, people.

I decided to make Sambusa Recipe | Allrecipes after finding it on 10 Traditional Djiboutian Dishes You Need to Try (theculturetrip.com). They're basically African egg rolls. What isn't to love???

I forgot to take a pic of my ingredients, lolz. Instead of the leek the recipe called for, I used up some garlic scapes I'd gotten at the farmer's market. You sauté your veggies with your ground meat and spices. Next, fill up the egg roll wrappers!!!

I didn't get a pic of really making them because it is hard to take pictures of assembling sambusas when both of your hands are assembling them. Just...imagine you're holding a pastry bag and filling it with frosting and closing the little flap over it like a lid. Except it is with egg roll wrappers and savory meat mixture, lolz. My BF fried off the African egg rolls while I made them. They cooked so quick!

Here are the (slightly blurry) moneyshots!!!

I sent a picture of one to my brother, being like, "Why does my dinner look like Slave I?" (If you don't know what Slave I is, I won't explain myself. You must know to know.)

It was sooo good. On the verge of almost too salty, it was filling, fatty, crunchy; gosh, it was good. It paired well with the broccoli rice I made to go with it.

Country stats:

Day made: 5/23/2022, Monday

Day post made: 7/5/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? 8.5/10, Yes, but then I spent the next hour out on my BF's porch because of the oil in the air, so maybe I'll wait a while before I do so XD

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