5/4/2022 - El Salvador - Country #51

I enjoyed getting to know El Salvador. Continuing along the line of Latin American street food, I brought the ingredients to my boyfriend's place and made dinner for two :)

For El Salvador, I looked up on Exploring Salvadoran Cuisine: El Salvador’s Top 25 Foods - Chef's Pencil (chefspencil.com) what to make, and decided to make Salvadorian Pollo Encebollado Recipe - My Big Fat Cuban Family (spiced chicken) and Crazy Corn Recipe | Simply Designing with Ashley (corn on the cob covered in condiments, lolz).

First, gather your ingredients:

Spice your chicken up:

Brown your chicken...

Take the chicken out and cook up a little onion and deglaze to make the sauce. Also, boil some water and just boil your corn 'til tender.

Add the chicken back to the sauce to let the chicken cook through and the sauce thicken. Once the corn is cooked (STOP READING RIGHT NOW, HEIDI), cover lavishly in mayo, ketchup, mustard, A1 sauce, and parmesan. Yep, you read that right. Everything short of ranch is getting pulled from the condiment shelf and getting piled on a veggie.


The chicken was tender and savory; all the little brown bits with soft cooked onion made a wonderful sauce. The corn was fun. A little sweet, a little salty, and very messy. There was no dignified way to eat it. I wore a lot of it, lol.

Country stats:

Day made: 5/4/2022, Wednesday

Day post made: 6/21/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? 8/10, I just might, lol

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