6/1/2022 - Faroe Islands - Country #61

Faroe Islands is near the UK and Iceland. They have a ... very interesting cuisine.

I did a lot of research, and they eat salmon - a LOT OF SALMON. Like, they're-famous-for-their-salmon-a-lot-of-salmon. I do NOT like seafood - and Faroe Islands is very famous for salmon. Like...that is all they eat. Well, that and fish heads in tallow sauce, apparently (:P) I read up on Cod head with Garnatálg - Traditional Faroese dinner - Faore Islands Blog (mitziemee.com) and was like well dang, guess I'm making boiled potatoes. I also found this recipe, which I was excited about - Faroe Island - Coffee with Cardamom Cream | Just A Pinch Recipes.

First, gather your ingredients:

Look - mace! When's the last time you used that?

Whip your cream, add your sweetener and spice, and put it on coffee! And I used decaf because this was my dinner!


For the boiled potatoes...

Boil some potatoes.


...that is not a moneyshot. It's so ugly!!! XD

I served the boiled potatoes with salt, pepper, and sour cream. You know what that tastes like. It was simple, but comforting.

The coffee was warm and rich, a little spicy and slightly Christmas-y. I loved it. XD

Country stats:

Day made: 6/1/2022, Wednesday

Day post made: 7/11/2022, Monday

Would I make it again? 7.5/10, probably the coffee, but I probably won't eat the potatoes by themselves for dinner again XD

...I'm so glad I didn't have to eat salmon...

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