6/19/2022 - French Southern Territories - Country #68

The fun part about me not being able to find any recipes from the French Southern Territories is that I can just choose whatever I want from France to make because it's the only thing that came up. Which is okay with me, since I like French food.

I simply googled 'French Southern Territories foods' and found French food, so I made French food! I found this recipe - Chicken Francese (Chicken French) - Saving Room for Dessert (savingdessert.com)

First, you gather your ingredients:

I learned how to separate the chicken tenders from chicken breasts! Another technique I've learned how to do by googling that I wouldn't have done otherwise!

Then, bread your chicken like so:

After frying off the chicken, you make a pan sauce out of the drippings:

Here's the moneyshot!

I served the chicken over leftover cheesy broccoli rice.

The chicken was savory, a little sour from the white wine, fatty from the frying and the breading, and plenty moist. Yummy!!!

Country stats:

Day made: 6/19/2022, Sunday

Day post made: 7/28/2022, Thursday

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