6/21/2022 - Estonia - Country #69

I'm going to see how many times I can get away with just making cinnamon pastries for countries. XD

I researched Estonian recipes and found easily the bestest kind of Estonian food: Estonian Kringle: Braided Cinnamon Bread (sofabfood.com).

First, activate some yeast in hot water; then make some dough!

Let the yeast rise for a bit - it goes from this to THIS:

Making it is similar to making a cinnamon roll. Just-just watch:

Bake it until cooked through and a MONEYSHOT!!!

Soooooo good. Soft, homey, cinnamon-y, a little sweet, tender - oh so lovely. Yummy!

Country stats:

Day made: 6/21/2022, Tuesday

Day post made: 7/29/2022, Friday

Would I make it again? 8/10, YES!!!

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