6/21/2022 - Gambia - Country #70

Someone needs to start keeping count of how many times I've made jollof rice for this blog. It is a dish that is eaten across many African countries and it is friendly and it is vegan and it doesn't have fish or cassava or banana leaves or anything else I'm not the biggest fan of. So....yay!

Jollof rice, again, is a very popular dish in Africa, and I knew when I had my vegan sister over that it would be a perfect dish to make for her. I ended up making this recipe: Nigerian Jollof Rice Recipe - The Dinner Bite.

First, you get out your ingredients:

Then you roughly chop and then puree all your veggies; you also separately wash the starch off your rice.

Cook off some onions in some fat and tomato paste. Then cook down the puree, then cook down the rice! A little fresh tomato and oil-not-butter to finish 'er off.

Done! Moneyshot!

Them's was good eatin's. Al dente rice, creamy with the rich tomato and spicy flavors. Sister and I both enjoyed it well.

Country stats:

Day made: 6/21/2022, Tuesday (yes, I made two meals on the same day - and I didn't make a clerical error!)

Day post made: 7/30/2022, Saturday

Would I make it again? 8/10, I would have to choose between this and the seven billion other types of jollof rice I've made, but this stands a very good chance!

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