6/25/2022 - France - Country #72

Who doesn't love France???

If I had time after making this huge meal, I would've watched Beauty and the Beast. I knew INSTANTLY what I wanted to make - I was so excited for France - Coq Au Vin. I always love drinking the rest of the red wine from the Coq Au Vin - and I always listen to Train while I do it, lol. So, I made Coq au Vin - Once Upon a Chef, Sautéed French green beans - Caroline's Cooking (carolinescooking.com); I forget what recipe for the French bread I made, but it's okay, they're all exactly the same; and a cheese board with fruit. I didn't make a pastry, because good grief, I didn't have it in me!

First, gather your ingredients:

Start some bread dough:

And let it rise.

Watch me make the coq au vin:


Here is the assembly of my little cheese board:

Here is the bread rising and then bake it.

Enjoy a little wine :)

Mix up some butter and flour and put it in the coq au vin (chicken, carrots, potatoes, wine, broth); sauté some mushrooms to serve with it:

Fry off some green beans and the bread is baked and we've been snacking on cheese and crackers and grapes for almost this entire time and then it's time to eat!

The coq au vin was savory, fall-off-the-bone, with little pockets of salt; sOOOOO GOOD. The green beans had a little snap, the mushrooms were soft and buttery; the bread was crusty, brown and crispy; the cheeses were soft, rich, fatty; the grapes plump and juicy; and the wine was dry and went well with Train XD

Country stats:

Day made: 6/25/2022, Saturday

Day post made: 8/3/2022, Wednesday

Would I make it again? 9.5/10, heck yeah I will!!!!

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