6/28/2022 - Gabon - Country #74

We're back in Africa, folks!

I looked up on 10 Most Popular Foods in Gabon | PokPokSom what to make. I decided to make

Moroccan Chicken Brochettes Recipe | Bon Appétit (bonappetit.com). I was happy to break in my new grill pan! (Thanks, babe :))

First, gather your ingredients:

Mix all these lovely little ingredients into a dipping sauce (I tried and failed to smash the minced garlic into a paste :P)

That goes in the fridge.

Then, with these ingredients - MIX! Mix it all together with cut up chicken and let it marinate. Then - GRILL!

I forgot to take a moneyshot. :P

Oh well. Use your imagination to see charred, crispy chicken (half on the skewer, half stuck to the grill) covered in creamy white sauce. The sauce has the tang of the Greek yogurt and the loveliness of garlic. The chicken is both spicy and fresh at the same time. I figure it was pretty good, y'all.

Country stats:

Day made: 6/28/2022, Thursday

Day post made: 8/5/2022, Friday

Would I make it again? 8/10, yes, but I would cut the chicken into bigger pieces - that way they don't stick to the grill that much!

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