6/4/2022 - Ethiopia - Country #63

My BF kept saying before I made Ethiopia, "You should just serve nothing. That's what they eat in Ethiopia." After me hitting his arm many times, I think I came out the better person - especially since he is a meat, rice, and veggie guy - and that is literally what I made for Ethiopia.

BF watches too much Family Guy, lolz.

I believe I was just looking for meat and veggies, so I found Chicken Drumsticks, Ethiopian-Style Recipe (simplyrecipes.com) and Fossolia (Ethiopian-Style Green Beans) Recipe | EatingWell.

First, get out your ingredients:

...I don't think I've got enough spices. But I gotta keep going!!!

Marinate that chicken and then it gets roasted in a foil pouch:

Yum yum.

I roasted off a tomato on my stovetop and then deskinned it and deseeded it. I got out some less-than-stellar looking green beans and blanched them (cooked them in boiling water until tender, then put immediately into ice water to stop the cooking process). These all got tossed into some sauteed onion and garlic and that's the fossolia! (Which sounds like it should be said with a New York accent - IDK, I won't explain it.)

Also I made some basic white rice to sop everything up, lolz.


This was very tasty - and very spicy. The chicken was tender, juicy, and falling off the bone. The spice mix was overall spicy - but was also balanced with the other less spicy spices' flavors. The green beans were fresh and just a little greasy - and the rice did well to sop up the spicy meat grease.

BF loved it more than I did and was thoroughly glad I didn't serve him nothing for dinner XD

Country stats:

Day made: 6/4/2022, Saturday

Day post made: 7/19/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? 8/10, yes, but I would use a little less spicy spices - my white girl stomach doesn't like it, lolz

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