6/7/2022 - Eritrea - Country #65

Sooooo...I may have posted countries out of order. I should've done this yesterday - and yesterday's today. Oh well - I'm capable of mistakes. Whatever.

Anyhoodlum, I googled 'Eritrea recipes' and decided to make Zigni (Beef Stew from Eritrea) - The Foreign Fork. I was hankerin' for some beef stew and decided this would work out well :)

First, get out your ingredients:

Then you ... just stew everything together.

Once it's cooked through, it's done!


I served it with homemade air-fried potatoes It was rich, a little thick on the tomato flavor, and tender. It went well with the potatoes. Yummy!

Country stats:

Day made: 6/7/2022, Tuesday

Day post made: 7/21/2022, Thursday

Would I make it again? 8/10, I just think I might!

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