6/8/2022 - Finland - Country #64

If it wasn't so late, I'd make some Finnish puns, lolz.

I googled 'finnish foods' and straight up, everything was like MAKE FINNISH CINNAMON ROLLS. Like I'll argue with that, lolz. I made this recipe - Recipe to Make Finnish Cinnamon Korvapuusti Pastries (thespruceeats.com).

Follow the yeast-bread method: activate some yeast by letting it sit with some sugar and hot water for about ten minutes. Then add the rest of your ingredients and then enough flour to make a ball form. I was very happy to have a stand mixer (thanks, Amberlyn!), which did all the kneading for me. :)

Let it rise, and then PUNCH IT. Roll the dough thing thin and spread with glorious fat and cinnamon and cardamom spiced goodness. Then, roll up and cut at odd angles to get triangles:

Let them rise one more time, sprinkle with rocky sugar, and then bake them beauties until golden brown and cooked through.


Oh, so good. Tear them apart to discover a gloriously crispy top hiding soft white dough and familiarity spiced with a hint of savory pepper from the cardamom. It was a lovely cousin to the traditional cinnamon roll.

Country stats:

Day made: Wednesday, 6/8/2022

Day post made: Wednesday, 7/20/2022

Would I make it again? 8.5/10, heck yeah!!!

Now I'm finnish(ed). ;)

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