7/12/2022 - Guinea-Bissau - #83

We are in Africa again, lolz.

And I've got yet another chicken and rice dish to make you!

Here we got GUINEA-BISSAU – Food Connects People from which I made KONNTO (SPICY CHICKEN THIGHS) – Food Connects People (with rice, lolz).

First, you gather your ingredients:

Sauté your onions...

Wash your rice and cook it...

Add your chicken and spices...

Once cooked, I serve it over rice with roasted squash!

Here is the moneyshot!

Gosh this was tasty. Garlicky, savory, tender, juicy - just yummy.

Country stats:

Day made: 7/12/2022, Tuesday

Day post made: 8/16/2022, Tuesday

Would I make it again? 9/10, yes, it was soooo good!

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