7/17/2022 - Greece - Country #86

*Shania Twain's voice* Let's go, girls -

*listens to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack as I write this blog post because iykyk*

I knew I wanted to make gyros, baklava, tzatziki sauce, and spanakopita - I didn't need to look up anything related to what I wanted to make. I made Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) Recipe | Allrecipes, Beef Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe | EatingWell and Greek Baklava Recipe | Allrecipes.

First, I made the spanakopita:

Gather your ingredients:

Cook off some onions, then add spinach...and spinach...and even more spinach...

Mix up some cheese mix, add it to your spinach, and then, alternating thin phyllo dough with melted butter, assemble yourself a spinach pie. (Notice all the creamy spinach juice I left in the pan that I tried my best to make sure got excluded!)

And bake!

Now, for the baklava...

I've already made it twice for this blog. I shan't repeat with my cooking methods. All of y'all should know how to make a baklava now - there will be a quiz later, FYI.

Now, this called for ground beef, but as I got a good deal on FL brand shredded steaks, I used that. Also, the blender got the onion all blended, but not the meat, so that was all me crunching/crushing it up by hand, lolz. It was too Chopped-esque to throw sheets of meat into a blender, so it hadn't worked.

I ended up putting the meat into a frying pan to cook off the moisture some more after baking it, lolz.

Next, tzatziki sauce -

...this is also without explanation of processes. It should be obvious.

Cut up some veg and get out some pita for the gyros...

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for...

It's all done and in moneyshots!!!

The gyro was full of fat, freshness, acid, tang, salt, savory-ness, carbs, and brightness.

Look at the layers on that spinach pie! A little too wet from the spinach, but cheesy and rich and green and grassy.

The baklava? Perfection. Utter perfection. Still my fave - impossible to describe any better.

I took this meal to my family after I ate my lunch of it, and they LOVED IT!!! I'm glad it went over so well and would/will do it again!!!

Country stats:

Day made: 7/17/2022, Sunday

Day post made: 8/20/2022, Saturday

Would I make it again? 8.5/10, aw heck yeah!!!

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