7/18/2022 - Indonesia - Country #87

One of my favorite weeknight meals to make is any form of stir fry. Any mix of vegetables, meat, starch, and savory/sweet sauce is all I ever want to eat.

I simply googled 'indonesian recipes' and came upon this masterpiece - Indonesian Fried Noodles (Mie Goreng) - Wok & Skillet (wokandskillet.com)

First, gather your ingredients (by that, I mean go to an Asian market on your way home from work to get sweet soy sauce and 'egg' noodles).

Fry off some shallots for the garnish and then cook off your pork and your veg - use summer squash when the sprouts you JUST BOUGHT are moldy...

Get your 'egg' noodles and put them in the pan and then realize that even though the recipe hadn't told you to cook them beforehand, you should've anyway. Proceed to add water and cook the water off once the noodles are cooked through. Add your sauce items, too. Also, check out those fried shallots!


Ohmigosh these were soooo good. It should be illegal for food to taste this good. Savory pork and veg, sweet, slippery, homey noodles that taste straight from takeout. These were too darn easy to make.

Country stats:

Day made: 7/18/2022, Monday

Day post made: 8/21/2022, Sunday

Would I make it again? 9/10, in a hEARTBEAT

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