7/19/2022 - Iraq - Country #88

Apparently Tabbouleh is a dish you can eat in like, every country in the Middle East. No story about cooking every country in the world would be complete without it.

I looked up on The 47 Most Popular and Authentic Iraqi Recipes | 196 flavors what I should make and decided this version of Tabbouleh would be good - Tabbouleh - Traditional Lebanese Recipe | 196 flavors.

First, gather your ingredients:

Chop chop chop and cook off some quinoa according to the package's instructions and mix it all together with a little homemade dressing!

Moneyshot, 'cause that was it!!!

If you read through the recipe, this has a severely aggressive amount of mint and parsley in it. It was nice and fresh - the perfect topping for the recipe that comes after this one ;)

Country stats:

Day made: 7/19/2022, Tuesday

Day post made: 8/22/2022, Monday (happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!)

Would I make it again? 8/10, yes, but in a smaller amount- no one woman needs three bunches' of parsley worth of tabbouleh!

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