7/6/2022 - Guatemala - Country #81

I have posted out of order again! Smashing!

Guatemala became a nice little weeknight meal. Easy-peasy and delicious! This is the recipe I made - Guatemalan Dobladas Recipe - Hispanic Food Network. It's basically cheese quesadillas - and who doesn't love a good cheese quesadilla?

First, gather your ingredients:

Dice up the cheese, onion, and pepper and use garlic and salt and pepper to your heart's content now.

Tuck that into some tortillas, let 'em cook off nice and hot and brown in a cast iron pan in some fat -

And then veer off the recipe and serve 'em up with salsa and sour cream -

In a moneyshot!!!

I could've cried from how easy and yummy these were. Comforting flavors of al dente veg with salty yet creamy cheese, against the tomato and the dairy. Oh, so lovely.

Country stats:

Day made: 7/6/2022, Wednesday

Day post made: 8/14/2022, Sunday

Would I make it again? 9/10, oh, in a heartbeat!

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