7/7/2022 - Guam - Country #80

I think we can safely say that most of the world eats rice in some form - it has now been made 20 times on this blog - thus far.

I found what I needed to make from 16 Mouth-Watering Chamorro Food Recipes on Guam – The Guam Guide and decided to make CHamoru Red Rice - CHamoru Recipe - Floured Frame.

First, gather your ingredients and entirely leave out the most important ingredient - annatto seeds. They give the rice the red color of the .... the red rice recipe.

All the other more expensive spices in my cupboard shall be used. My expense shall be my sacrifice for my inability to order annatto seeds from Amazon in time for this scheduled dinner.

Cook off the onions...

Dissolve the saffron...

Toast off the rice...

And add the liquid...

And then forget to take a moneyshot - but y'all know what kinda-red-but-more-like-orange rice looks like.

It tasted nice. Saffron and turmeric are actually mild. I liked it.

Country stats:

Day made: 7/7/2022, Thursday

Day post made: 8/13/2022, Saturday

Would I make it again? 8/10, maybe, maybe not - it wasn't bad, wasn't the most creative thing in the world, lolz

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